Be more grateful.

Be more grateful. (1)


Today I had an instant spark of inspiration that drew me to write this blog. On the topic of being more grateful.

The inspiration behind this was watching my (soon to be father-in-law? …waiting on the ) aka boyfriends father work on the top of the roof of our soon to be house, I felt immense gratitude for him. He was working in the hot summer sun, not complaining about a thing. Not his fatigue, not the pesky gnats, and not even the 90 degree weather. He was a content as could be on top of that roof and did I mention he is battling Leukemia!(kicking Leukemia in  the ass) Watching him so gracefully take on life not grieving or groaning about a thing. Watching him made me reevaluate my whole mind set. I felt ashamed to be upset about minuscule things, such as not having any almond milk for my morning smoothie. I am beyond blessed in my life. I have an abundance of love, health, and wealth at my finger tips and I was taking it all for granted.

Tim on roof

This is him being a cancer kickin’ bad ass on top of the roof


With all the negativity that is shown through the media around the world and also in our personal life it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it is hard to focus on good vs the bad. But, if you start noticing the small things to be grateful for you will then start seeing the bigger things.


We have so many small things to be grateful for in our day to day lives. Things such as electricity, running water, and food on our table. Can you recall a time when the electricity goes off for a couple hours during a storm and you were upset because you could not use the microwave? Well, what if you did not have access to electricity at all. Be thankful for the everyday amenities that you do have because we take things like this for granted to often.

If you are still being stubborn and convincing yourself you have nothing to be grateful for, I made you a bullet point list:


  • Beautiful summer weather
  • Health
  • Friends & Family & puppies
  • Chocolate
  • The freakin’ air you breathe!
  • Internet 
  • The roof over your head
  • Sunsets 
  • Coffee
  • Flowers
  • Dirt bikes


Take some time today and be grateful for a few things. Just be grateful for something! Anything! Stop taking life for granted and just say thank you for all that you have and what is to come.


When I watched my boyfriend’s father work on the roof for just a few moments I had to hold back tears. I wanted to savor the moment and take it with me. A moment of pure gratitude. Him battling something so horrendous yet working hard so that Colton and I could move into that house. And oh how grateful I am for him, for both of Colton’s parents as a matter of fact.


That moment really brought me back to reality. It showed me that I need to be more grateful for everything I do have. I wanted to share this with all of you so that it could shine some light on the blessings that we are given every day.


Be more grateful today and radiate love.


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