The “Honeymoon Stage”

You know the first 2-3 months of a relationship where you are using the heart eye emoji every single text you send?

heart eye

You feel so in love that you can’t seem to stay away from each other. Then after about 6 months of being with each other all the lovey dovey affection seems to fade away. I’ve come to find it is a normal phase in relationships.

I was talking to one of my friends the other day. Her boyfriend brought her a coffee to work unexpectedly. I started to tell her how sweet that was and she replied with “yea we are still in the honeymoon stage”. She acted as if these small acts of kindness were
only going to last a short period of time. This conversation really sparked something inside of me. I started to ponder on the thought as to why we only have a honeymoon stage and not a life long honeymoon love.

Maybe it’s because we feel that we need to impress our significant other? Then once we start feeling more comfortable around them then we let go of trying. Or maybe its because we lost some interest in them and there is not a real spark there. Or maybe it is just the new norm and as couples we don’t feel that we need to try that hard anymore.

It is something that I have experienced in my past relationships and they’ve all gone down hill from there. (Thank gosh because they were D-bags)

I know that with time we do get closer as a couple and do feel more comfortable together. Comfort doesn’t mean it is okay to let go. We can’t let go of that fire inside. I believe that we should keep it going for the entirety of the relationship!

Keep surprising each other with gifts! You could spend as little at $5 and put a smile on their face.

Keep going out on date night! Even if it is just a Taco Bell date, it’s the thought that counts.

Keep spending time together! Making an effort to spend even a half hour talking about each others day can make a huge impact.

Maybe this is your sign to start making a little bit more of an effort in your relationship. Spice things up. Go places you’ve never gone. Do things you would never do. Try new foods. Do something together that is out of your comfort zone. You could potentially find something new that you both enjoy. Life is way to short to be stuck doing the same old same old. Why not try to live life to its fullest and happiest potential why we are all here?

I think that us couples should make the intention of never falling into the comfort trap. Continue to remind each other why you fell in love in the first place. Make each other feel the love until the end. I think I can speak for us all here. Wanting to feel those little butterflies in your stomach when we’re 80 years old.


I want a honeymoon love, not a honeymoon stage.



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