Is social media ruining your life? 

Hi guys! 

So I always tend to write these posts right after something inspiring happens to me. That’s why they are not always consistent… BUT, I do want to get on a posting schedule. Maybe a once a week? Any suggestions on topics? 

Anyways, I was sitting at Starbucks on Mass Ave the other day. Mass Ave is very busy so there is always a ton of people getting their daily caffeine kick. As I was sitting there enjoying my day I look up at my surroundings and see everyone being super antisocial. We all were being brainwashed by our phones!


As you can see from the picture above that everyone has their face in their phone, so do I. Who knows what everyone else was looking at.  I was browsing social media instead of enjoying my surroundings. While sitting there I had to question myself as to why these tiny little pieces of metal are controlling our lives.

 I was carelessly scrolling through my Instagram feed. Comparing myself to the models with perfectly toned bodies and beautifully clear skin. Getting jealous of the girls who post pictures of themselves at the cutest coffee shop. Obsessing over how many likes I get and if I should take down my last selfie or not. Putting myself down because I’m not as skinny as that girl, my butt isn’t as big as this girl, and I’m not on a beautiful tropical island like her. 

I think we all do this in some way or another. 

The thing is our lives are not as glamorous as we portray them to be on Instagram. 

Taking a million selfies, choosing the one that you think will get the most likes, finding the perfect filter to make you look more tan, then contemplating the most clever caption to WOW all your followers. 

When you are with your friends and trying to take that effortless laughing pic. You all fake laugh for a few seconds then hurry up check the pic and if it’s not good enough you fake laugh some more. Then you send the same picture to all your friends in a group message and they post the same picture on their own Instagram with a different filter. 

#BFF #MyGirls #RideOrDie #GirlsNight 

We are all guilty of this! 

Sometimes we try way to hard to impress our followers. Trying to get the perfect picture that goes with your page theme. Most of the time we miss out on awesome moments in life because all our focus is on what people are doing on Snapchat and Twitter and Facebook.Millennials have grown up with social media and it’s pretty much a part of our DNA. We’ve been around since MySpace was cool and  all we were stressing about was which song you were gonna put on your profile. We scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest… without putting any thought into how much time we are spending on social media. 


I’m not saying throw away your phone and live like the Amish. Lol. Just maybe we could set our phones down at dinner and just invest our time in the people you love. There will be a million photo ops throughout your life. So don’t miss some quality time for some stupid Instagram post. 

After my little Starbucks realization, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m gonna forget about always taking pictures everywhere I go. I’m going to start leaving my phone in my purse and just take in the moment. You’ll never get that one moment back so maybe the pics can wait. 


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